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Chief Photographer:      Chuck Coverly is a professional photographer that has shot thousands of pictures of all different genres.  From food, concerts, sports, travel, and nature all around the world, Chuck brings a bit of comedic flair and an artistic approach to his work.  Philly Eats Magazine is proud to have Chuck working with us.





Chef Karen Docimo is the owner of Karen’s Chef de Jour Personal Chef Service. Her longstanding dedication to the culinary arts came to her naturally, growing up with the rich scents of Italian mother’s and grandmother’s fine cooking. Indeed, many of the delicious Italian specialties that Chef Karen cooks today are family recipes handed down through tradition and cooked in her mother’s kitchen in Philadelphia.

When Karen decided to pursue her passion as a profession, she first joined Abruzzi’s Catering, preparing food for fine parties and events large and small. Chef Karen has broadened her experience to go beyond the service offerings of Karen’s Chef du Jour. Assignments as a food stylist with QVC and Bon Appetit Magazine have allowed her to work with the art of food presentation.

In addition to cooking classes offered through Karen’s Chef du Jour, Chef Karen develops recipes and curricula and conducts culinary classes at local kitchen stores including Williams-Sonoma and Kitchen Kapers. Chef Karen was a founding instructor and a lead trainer for Inspired Chef/Inspired Teams the cooking class division of Whirlpool. She has also served as a Culinary Specialist for KitchenAid, frequently conducting key product demonstrations for consumers and training for Kitchen Aid Product Specialists throughout the United States.


Chef Emily Scott is the executive chef and owner of The Wildflower Chef, an organic personal chef and meal delivery service based in Chester County, PA. Emily’s passion for cooking began as a teenager and led her to pursue a degree in the culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu at Orlando Culinary Academy. Unsatisfied with what she learned about the food industry and the dangers of conventional (non-organic) agriculture, Emily quickly realized that she wanted to find a way to bring truly pure, real food to families in Chester County: Her vision led to the creation of The Wildflower Chef in 2014.

Hi, I am David Silverman, the Executive Chef/Owner of David’s Culinary Delights, Personal Chef/Catering Services. Food is my life, I love cooking. From a young age, I experimented with cooking. Whether it was for my siblings and friends or myself. I hold an Associates Degree from The Culinary Institute of America and a Bachelors Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, in Hospitality Management. In addition to having over 35 years of professional hospitality experience.

I have opened new country clubs, hotels, and restaurants. Worked in Casinos, had my own restaurant and have been partners in others.

Now I am working for you. Purchasing fresh ingredients daily, bringing them to your home and preparing meals for you, your friends and family. Private Parties, Catering, Weekly meals so you do not need to worry “what’s for dinner”. Having friends over? Is it your Anniversary? Graduation? Birthday? For any occasion! I will take care of your Culinary Needs!

Diane Floyd, Chef Entrepreneur

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Diane developed her passion for food at a young age.She was inspired by time in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother preparing family meals as with graduating from culinary school. Having worked over twenty years in various facets of the food industry such as restaurant, hotels, catering, and schools, Diane became a personal chef to professionals and families in the Greater Philadelphia area.

As a personal chef, many have enjoyed customized meals freshly prepared in their homes, catered meals for special occasions and one on one cooking instructions with clients in their kitchen learning basic cooking techniques. Chef Floyd infuses her food with passion and joy determined to give customers an experience that satisfies the palate along with great service.

Meal Makers offers a variety of cuisines and accommodates various diets. Customized meals, gift services, small event catering, cooking parties and at home cooking lessons are the services offered. The business serves the Greater Philadelphia area including South Jersey and Northern Delaware.

P.O. Box 43416 Philadelphia, PA 19129 888-474-6025


Tony “Winechef” Lawrence

Passionate trusted wine & food pairing specialist, sommelier, international wine & food judge, educator/lecturer and freelance writer.

The owner of A Chef For You, LLC, he specializes in writing/promoting truth in pairings. Advocates globally that wine is a lifestyle by sharing its history, artistry, science, terrior, sense of culture, which weds wine to food. He designs wine pairing programs for the global wine trade, associations, college culinary/wine programs and wine festivals. He writes for retail wine shops for in-house wine pairing point of sale/newsletters…like Napa Rock Pairings or Lodi Rules Pairings. He also writes for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Taste Magazine’s “Ask The Wine Expert A Question”.

Tony’s journey started at the age of 13, cooking at a summer camp, to restaurants and wineries in Maryland, then attended a vocational culinary school. He earned a BS from Widener University Hotel/Restaurant program on a full scholarship, interned& trained at the Hotel Krone Assmannshausen – Rudeshiem, Germany.                                                                                                                    

He graduated in the first class of CIA Pro-Chef program in1998 (Culinary Institute of America-Greystone.  In 2000, Tony completed the Wine & Food Pairing for Chefs program, CIA-Greystone.  Graduated in 2010 from the Certified Wine Educator/Napa Valley Wine Academy.

Tony is a Red Zinfandel Specialist and a Riesling Specialist.

Tony ‘s  Wine Judge Certification is from UC- Davis 2001

He has judged in some of the USA top competitions Indy International, San Francisco, Chronicle, Taster’s Guild, [Sonoma Harvest ], LA International, Great Lakes, Virginia Governor’s Cup, Lodi Zinfandel, New York, New Jersey and Pa.

Tony has been invited to 10 Symposium For Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood.He is a member, lecturer and writer with the Society of Wine Educators, American Wine Society, German Wine Society, Tasters Guild Society, Vancouver Playhouse International Wine & Food Festival and Zinfandel Advocates & Producers.

Lawrence was appointed to the Pennsylvania Wine & Spirit Advisory Council [PLCB] in 2010 He is on the Chairman select Tasting PANEL.

He is a serious wine collector and gardener. One of his passions is studying varietal DNA that links soils to wine & food pairings.

Enjoys hosting wine dinners and traveling. Resides in Philadelphia, PA, with his wife Gigi.


In the 1970’s, Marilyn Moser-Waxman was one of a small adventurous group who helped to establish the health, wellness, and organic food movement in the Philadelphia area by starting natural food stores, family health getaways, giving cooking and study classes and offering live-in study opportunities.

Since that time, Marilyn has continued to play an active role in bringing the awareness of healthy living to her community, again through personal chef services, cooking classes, lectures, consultations and Shiatsu massage.

Marilyn’s philosophy is simple: to obtain true health and well-being requires a few key factors that include exercise and freshly-prepared organic food. She recognizes that we are all unique and our dietary requirements are suited to our own individual state of health, our age, lifestyle, and taste. What works for one individual may not work as well for another; what serves good health at one time in one’s life may not work at another time.

One of Marilyn’s specialties, after raising five children of her own, is working with families, either with new parents to help them establish sound nutrition from the start or to gradually introduce new and nutritionally-dense food into family life, creating healthy eating habits.

In addition to educating people through cooking classes and lectures, Marilyn is a certified Shiatsu practitioner.
Ten years ago she created The Nourishing Well and began offering personal chef services. The Nourishing Well gives attention to those having health concerns as well as those who simply enjoy having someone else do the cooking! Marilyn caters to the individual, creating delicious meals regardless of which diet is followed. Her experience includes cooking for and meeting the requirements of those with Celiac, Gluten Intolerance, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, low-residue diets, bone marrow transplant, Crohn’s, nut-soy-sesame-wheat allergies and weight issues to name a few.

And for those who just want someone else to do the cooking, she has long experience with Vegan, Vegetarian, Macrobiotic, Paleo, Mediterranean and Omnivorous diets.

Chef Bianca Russano is an award winning personal chef and published author based in Northern Delaware. She is a graduate from the University of Delaware and The Art Institute of Philadelphia. She has been operating her personal chef business, About The Table, since 2013 where she offers chef-prepared meals, cooking classes and boutique catering services. She hopes to continue helping families get “about the table” and enjoy food while creating lasting memories.

Chef Chris Welsh: A self-trained chef, Chris’ love of cooking began at an early age while helping her Greek mother and grandmother create old-world and gourmet meals. With encouragement from her family and friends, Chris turned her passion into a viable business and in 2001 formed The Secret Ingredient Personal Chef Service, LLC. Chris is also a premier member of the United States Personal Chef Association.

Starting with just a few clients, Chris a native Main Liner and resident of Wayne since 1986, now serves dozens throughout the Philadelphia suburban area. Secret Ingredient’s clientele has included everyone from elite sports celebrities to individuals recovering from medical issues. Many of her clients are dual working couples or families who are too busy or simply don’t enjoy cooking. In recent years, Chris has enjoyed catering many small dinner parties and wine tasting dinners in her clients’ homes.

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